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Sunday, May 18th, 2008

I miss Bellingham! The snakes are still at Squires Lake, and Avenue Bread is just as yummy as I remember.

Bleeding hearts

Spring is still unfurling

Damsel fly

Beaver Pond feeds Squires Lake. Here’s the pond:

We saw several frogs in the murky standing water near the pond.

We didn’t see as many snakes as last year, but there were more people around as well.

Even when the parking lot at Squires Lake is packed, as it was for us, it’s still not so many people that you can’t explore in peace.

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Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Two of the overgrown tomatoes made it through their adventures outside.  They’ve come back inside and are stuffed in the window sill.  The cat came back (… the very next day…) and dug up the peas.  Again.  We’ve got two pea plants that look like they will make it.  I’ve covered the pea and parsley containers with crisscrossings of yarn, which seems to be working so far.  We’ve left all of the indoor started plants, besides the large lettuce, outside, and though they’re not looking the best, at least it’s stopped freezing.  With the lone cauliflower that sprouted outside eaten by a bug, we transplanted the potted cauliflowers to the same plot of real dirt.  Lows are around 43 and highs in the upper 50’s (ugh).

We sprouted new cauliflower and tomatoes inside.

The garlic is doing fine, at least:

And the outside lettuce and spinach is starting to fill out their container:

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