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Sunday, August 31st, 2008

With a warm week in mid July, two in August, and several pleasant days in between, we seem to be reaching the end of this year’s abbreviated summer.

The blackberries are mostly over now, but mid August we picked enough from across the street to make a cobbler.

Our garlic plants were flattened by wind storms and the encroaching squash, making the tops no longer usable. Underneath, all had developed bulbs a bit smaller than the average grocery store ones, with a bit stronger aroma and flavor.

The squash was similarly pushing over the red onions. Dear god they grew slow. Since planting in mid April (around 130 days), the largest got to about 2 inches in diameter. Only their outer layer is red. (And what a pretty color!) Their insides are all white. We’re using the onion tops as well. In place of the onions, garlic and where the cauliflower used to be (which we gave up on at least a month ago because it was full of bugs that refused to be washed off and tasted no better than cauliflower purchased from the store), Mike planted carrots, lettuce and spinach.

Several of our first tomatoes have had blossom end rot. The top halves are untouched and super tasty. We are getting tomatoes from the Early Girl and Yellow Pear. The volunteer Plum Romas are very green still.

We used our tomatoes, garlic and thyme to make roasted tomatoes yesterday.

Mike picked our first corn today. And then we made pesto with our basil and garlic.

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