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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

This is a bit late as I got sick and then started working on a new WordPress template to accommodate pictures larger than 400 px. These are shots of the flooded Santa Fe and Suwannee rivers right after cresting 2 weekends ago.

The flood water is still and not muddy, but is tinted rusty brown from decaying vegetation tannins. This is a flood prone area, with this flood reaching about once in a decade levels. Current river levels can be found here. Many of the houses are on stilts (this last picture was taken in December, whereas a few weeks ago this house was only accessible by boat):

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it’s the formative years that matter
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

These are two of our from-seed tomatoes (both planted at the same time). The one on the right is our sole moderately happy Quarter Century (and some rain ravaged volunteer mushrooms). I don’t remember what the other one is, but the rest all look the same. I think their color might have improved a bit since we improved their pots’ drainage, but none have decided to perk up and send out some actually healthy looking leaves.

sad-happy tomatoes

Mike planted some new tomatoes and herbs. Perhaps too late to get established before the real heat sets in, but they give you an army of seeds in those packets from the hardware store, so we might as well try.

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Today is cold (high of 65! ha!) and windy. The remaining two chives and parsley were getting blown around, so I’ve brought them inside. The changes in air pressure have been pushing the back door open a bit and creating a draft that I’m hoping my improvised cardboard pad in the deadbolt hole will eliminate.

On Sunday we bought 3 indoor plants and I put herbs in my strawberry pot. The top is a greek oregano, and the sides, which will be difficult to water, have parsley, thyme and two chives.

Most of the seedlings since repotting have been paling and anemic. We found that the saucers were keeping water from draining properly. We’ve now torn those off, and will see if things improve. The two tomatoes bought as plants, on the other hand, are twice as big as when we first got them. We have baby husky cherry reds now.

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