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bleeding edge
Monday, January 31st, 2011

This is the best, as in well written and informative, early review I’ve seen about the new Adam tablet from Notion Ink. The company proposed a great cross-set of features that fit my wishes pretty closely, long battery life, e-reader, wifi, open, not attached to a cell contract, a good selection of ports. Others must have agreed; the company has developed a devout following of fanboys. I’ve only been held in suspense for about two months, watching the bumps and tumbles of delays and removed features. These user reviews are the first real opinions I’ve seen on the device in the wild. And it’s about what one would expect from a start-up, still getting the bugs worked out. Which is to say it’s rather disappointing to have that potential of perfection, or at least robustness, dashed. It’s tough coming out with an Android tablet before Honeycomb. That doesn’t mean that the device is a failure, it still might meet my needs if I went back to the base Android OS, but I’m not likely to buy their first generation device.

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