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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

This time at Withlacoochee River Park there was drumming instead of flutes. Signs and the only group that we passed on the Florida Trail indicated that there was a powwow being held at the park that weekend (in late October). It has been a rainy autumn, and while the river was lower than our last visit, the lowest platforms on the canoe dock were still submerged. The mosquitoes were also discouragingly active and kept impeding the whole picture taking process.

Golden silk spider


Carolina Satyr through palmetto


Perhaps this is a squirrel tree frog, although they look very similar to green tree frogs, also on palmetto


I was nearly on top of this cottonmouth, my first poisonous snake sighting outside of the safety of a vehicle, before noticing it. It was still cool, and while it was aware of us, and obviously unafraid, it made no moves either. I stayed rather farther away still. Mike took this picture.


These yellow buttons were up a little hill near some tortoise burrows.

yellow buttons

Narrow-leaved sunflowers


Long-tailed skipper. We haven’t been able to identify the flower, which was growing along a roadside next to a field.


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