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high perches
Saturday, March 31st, 2012

I dropped my backpack on the way to Caladesi Island State Park in February. When we arrived, I found the kit lens had not survived the fall. At least that was the cheapest thing to replace. And now, along with the replacement kit lens I have a 60mm prime to play with too.

It had rained recently, and the resurrection ferns covered every oak branch.


We heard buzzing nearby and found two wild bee hives near the trail.


Past the oaks and moving back into pine, we saw what looked like a large abandoned osprey nest, very high up in a dead tree. But after noticing some movement, a fuzzy owl chick, and then a second peeked over. We think they are Great Horned Owls, and are the first owls we’ve seen in Florida, athough we’ve heard far away hooting several times.



Back at the marina, waiting for our return ferry, two gopher tortoises strolled onto the grass, not at all bothered by all of the people.


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Alafia River State Park
Saturday, March 31st, 2012

In February we visited a new park, Alafia River State Park. The park, the site of an abandoned phosphate mine, is mainly for equestrian and mountain biking use, but there is one foot path.

The excavations from the mine have left pits and mounds, some of the hilliest terrain in the otherwise mostly flat state.

vines, ferns

A shy black crowned night heron, one of the few birds we saw on the walk.


These may be juvenile assassin bugs and eggs.


The excavation from the mining left fossils exposed that otherwise would be burried, so this was a good place to look for sharks teeth.


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