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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Alligator Lake Park has happily posted a large trail map at the north parking area. There is apparently an entire hidden loop, or near loop, that we didn’t know about. They continue to insist on measuring trail lengths not in distance but in the time a theoretical individual who is nothing like me might take, I’m guessing walking briskly and not stopping to look at anything and certainly not taking any pictures, or perhaps a leisurely jogger’s time. We spend three to four times their estimate to walk the main loop.

We were not terribly successful at our other adventures for this trip. Our normal lunch shop has been forcibly closed by the tax collectors, and we never made it beyond the parking lot of San Felasco the next day because it was raining.

We’ve seen lots of ant lion traps on our last couple of outings. The larvae dig inverted cones into the sand, bury themselves at the nadir and chomp on ants that fall into their trap.

lion cones

Another larvae that look nothing like the adults, a lady bug:


We saw a couple of these, I think greater yelllowlegs.


There were also several glossy ibis at the lake, and our first identification of blue winged teal behind.


A large juvenile little blue heron, just starting to change colors


American Lady. Mike took this one.


Another first identification for us, a question mark butterfly


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