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Weedon mangroves and crabs
Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

On a mid August morning we went to Weedon Island.


A leaf beetle on a beach sunflower.

clumsy borer

This black beetle was increadibly clumsy. It got turned over on its back at least twice while we were watching it run around. Mike has identified the beetle as a live oak root borer.


Mangrove roots.


A zebra longwings circled over our heads for several minutes but never landed. This mangrove skipper kindly landed several times. I got a few blurry shots of a couple of Buckeyes as well. They had some of the charactistics of the Common variety and some of the Mangrove variety.


A juvenile night heron.


We saw two of these male fiddler crabs. All claw.

mangrove crab

And there were tons of the mangrove crabs out, and many of them far bolder than normal.


Eastern narrow mouthed toad in no hurry to get off the path.

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