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Sunday, July 31st, 2016


Yellow pears, romas and black krim

We live in a pretty dense neighborhood with lots of trees, but we’ve stubbornly been trying to grow tomatoes. Last year when we moved in mid-season we got a husky cherry red and a patio. They started out not looking great, we put them in too small of pots, and they never did much. The patio tomato tasted no better than ones from the grocery store.

This year we got bigger pots and started earlier, but the plants have still had a terrible time of it, getting blown over by wind, gangly branches growing too tall and weak and breaking off outside of their cages, so we’ve been bringing in a lot of green fruit. But, we’ve gotten several batches of wonderful roasted tomatoes now. And it turns out that the mystery heirloom is a black krim (the one in the picture is pretty much ready to be eaten).

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