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lots of fire ants
Saturday, May 15th, 2010

We’re getting a bit out of order again. These were taken at the end of April.

A dike topped by a very pleasant mowed path circles around Alligator Lake, accessible from Alligator Lake Park off of SE Country Club Road. As the only land surrounded by alligator infested waters, wildlife concentrates along this path.

We walked along until the second bridge. Getting hungry and not knowing how far we’d gone, we decided to turn around. It turns out we were about 2/3 around the dike, so it would have been shorter to keep walking.

Brown Thrasher:

mockingbird family

Best picture of several I tried taking of a cedar waxwing:

Gar fish (actually two, the second is deeper at the bottom of the picture)

Male common pondhawks. Mike has been taming dragonflies lately. Perhaps because he saved one from a spider web.

Viceroy (note the inner black circle on the lower wings, and no light orange on the upper wings):

While most of the turtles we walked by slipped into the water with a small splish (as opposed to the larger crash the alligators make) before we caught sight of them, this one was up on the path, and seemed not terribly concerned by us. It might be a cooter. All of the yellow striped turtles look pretty much the same to me.

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3 Responses to “lots of fire ants”

  1. Mike says:

    I had an insanely large amount of fun with you that day.

    And it was really nice how few people were there.

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  3. GREAT PHOTOS. What a cute turtle! I think his name is Sigmond and he is adventurous, for a a turtle.

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