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Sunday, July 20th, 2008

All of the tomatoes have green fruit on them now. Even the volunteer tomato, which we’ve staked up and kept watering.

While it always perks back up, the yellow squash was wilting pretty badly during the during some of our warmer days, and I think that ended up damaging the first round of squash.

We have one pepper. All of the other flowers keep falling off. Here they say that peppers won’t set fruit below 65 degrees (!) so we’ve started pulling the plants in at night. It’s been getting into the mid 70’s lately, with a few days in the lower 80’s and a few colder than 70. Our lows have been around 55.

Our replanted spinach and lettuce don’t like the heat. The spinach has started bolting already, and they aren’t more than 2 inches tall.

And we have a couple of wee little baby watermelons:

We tied the leaves around the cauliflower heads a week or two ago with yarn, but they’ve now outgrown their hats.

We’ve seen several northern flickers lately. There were 5 on the telephone pole this afternoon.

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Monday, July 7th, 2008

On Mom’s last visit, she identified our pretty but horribly invasive and persistent japanese weed as knotweed. I’ve just pulled up all of it that was up against the garden plot. I’m not stating this as an accomplishment, as there’s plenty left just two feet away (and we even saw it up at Olallie State Park this weekend), but just to see how long it takes for it to regrow up past the railroad ties again. Two weeks?

They need neither dirt nor water (they store it in their segmented stems) and chopping them off at ground level doesn’t faze them in the least.  I’ve dug down 8 inches or so to remove all their roots in our garden area and still they come back.

I also pulled off two green caterpillars from the smaller cauliflowers. I didn’t notice any slugs this morning. One of the larger cauliflowers is starting to grow florets.

Unrelated but current garden pictures:

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