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Tunk Mountain’s Hidden Ponds Loop
Sunday, September 15th, 2019

There was more under story here than on the Cutler Coast trail. The day was partly sunny with no rain, but the trail went through a hollow that was still dripping wet. (All but the first picture are Mike’s.)

raised trail

wet mushrooms

maybe fly agaric

choral fungus

Hairy Woodpecker, larger than a Downy

Hairy Woodpecker

There were some really nice lungwort and rock tripe lichens.


rock tripe

The Hidden Ponds loop branches off to the right from the Tunk Mountain trail for a counter clockwise walk. It circles Salmon Pond (the best views of Salmon Pond are at the end of the loop), and offers an overlook and shore access of the western side of Little Long Pond. There was a dilapidated canoe left next to Little Long Pond.

Little Long Pond

Salmon Pond

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